OK, it has been a very busy autumn, I did not have any chance to do much during that time. I have many issues in my personal life that I need to deal with gives me a lot of stress. I also had a math class which always seems to demand more work from me. I wanted to write a long time ago, but never had the chance. The good new is that I now have a certificate in computer science. One down, two to go. So here are how things going:

Black Book: I managed to finished a poker dice game, and I am on the way of making a st0ck t!cker game with the SQL database implementation. I am trying right now to finish this portion before the beginning of the next semester since I'll probably lack of time then. The project link is here:


If you scroll down a the bottom, the poker dice game, and eventually st0ck t!cker, could be found under "Download Example Binairies". Since it's coded in Java, it should work on any operating system.

Board Games: It's been a while since I touched my steam punk game. I think I found how to resolve encounters in a simple and interesting way, but did not develop further. I also tried to start sketching and see how I could import it later in Art Rage to paint over my drawing. I have not tested it yet.

Video Games: Another idea that I thought is to make a very simple retro style arcade game (atari style) to get a bit the look and feel of programming in real-time with data oriented programming. I wanted to make something portable in C that could run on my game park and eventually on other devices like Raspberry pie and Arduino. I thought it could be another way to make simple games in little time. The problem is that there is not any distribution platform for such game, so I might not be able to sell it. I could try GOG games.

Wizardry Legacy: Last time I went into the software, I was trying to redesign the window system to use a data oriented approach in plain C. I also wanted to handle everything as streams of characters instead of manually positioning strings on the screen. Which would be an impressive upgrade. The software looks more like a body open for surgery right now. I need a lot of work before closing it an make it functional again.

So this is the news, enjoy and have fun

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