Ok, we are back online ... or in the process of. I have ported the hub web site, the other website are still under maintenance. I intend do them in order of simplicity rather in order of importance. So probably wizardry will be the next site since there is no skin to change.

I decided to first clean up some files, with just this web site, I managed to clean up at least 200 megs of junk like stats and a 50 meg error log I was not aware of it's existence. I had to change skin to avoid many errors. I might have to change other skins too. Wizardry is the most recent website, hope I will not have to change anything. Look wise it should remain the same.

Besides skin modification, I am cleaning and re-organizing some information. For example, I was thinking of posting all my news here instead of on the Board Game design site since now the news will cover other things than board game design. I even wondering if I should keep site specific news. I'll have to give it some thoughts.

As you can see, I have massively simplified this site just to contain links on other websites and the general news. Hope you like the new colors.

Enjoy and have fun.

Eric P626

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