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News: News: A new Website for Wizardry Legacy

It is today that I finally open my new website for the Wizardry Legacy Project. Considering that the project has been re-opened, I thought it could be a good idea to create a new web site to host the files or any information related to the game development.

I hope you will like it. I have written some contents, especially the rule book, to make sure that people have something to read even if the site has just opened. It is possible that I re-implement some features of the old site, like the surveys, but I cannot guaranty anything.

From now on, most news related to Wizardry Legacy will be posted here and at most rapidly mentioned on my other sites.

I still have many other website ideas, but I am currently pretty busy since it's the end of the year and since I should participate to a French Board Game PodCast soon. So I'll take my time and wait for the right moment before releasing other sites.

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