After multiple attempt and researching, I finally added the "addthis" buttons on all my web sites. These buttons allow people who visit my site to share the content on their favorite web service like Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

I am happy to find the AddThis plugin that integrate all features in one widget. I am also happy that I do not have to subscribe to these social network in order to be able to add these icons.

The general goal is to find ways to increase web traffic. I am trying to see if I could not add a banner add on some of my websites to earn a bit of money. I don't think I will get much income (expected at 20$ per year) but it will at least pay my domain name. I tried registering to AdSense but did not received any news yet.

As for website development, I do not intend to develop a new website anytime soon. I have re-openned the "Wizardry Legacy" video game project and that will be put in priority. I might eventually make a website for Wizardry, so that will probably be the next website I will make.

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