I wanted to open this website during the last 6 months but I was so busy with school that I never had the time. I managed install the layout, but I did not to format and upload picture. Even now, some pictures are missing, but I am opening the site now, else I'll have to wait until summer.

The new website is actually my art gallery. I try to put pictures or digital images of any pieces of art that I did in my life, or almost. I will also post new works on this website. Some mediums are easier to upload than others. This is why the site is currently incomplete. There is also some things I am currently working on, so I'll wait before it's finished before uploading anything.

Video Game Design/Programming

Meanwhile, I have worked during the vacations a bit on Wizardry Legacy. Wanted to try remaking the user interface in plain C only which has a lot of hard coding in it. It's also a way to experiment non-object oriented programming, which I prefer, and it would give me an additional experience to build up a non-event based graphic user interface that I intend to also use in my project pixel board. In fact there is very little documentation on the subject, some programmers might even tell you that it's impossible or a huge nightmare to code. One key element to make it work is that there must be a low amount of data input from the user which is common in video games, but uncommon in business applications. I think that is the reason why it has not been explored.

I am currently reading another book about video game programming in libGDX, unfortunatelly it uses Scene2D while I wanted to try ECS programming with Ashley instead. I can still adapt some portion of the code and dig up in my 2 other books for more insight. I gave some thoughts about what kind of game I could build besides the Pixel Board engine which should strictly focus on turn based strategy games. I originally thought of a Metroid style game using real physics with box2D, but I thought it might be too complicated for a first project. Right now, I am having my mind on a Castlevania 3 style game which has very simple physics and of course stairs. I am trying to see if the art could be done with digital painting.

I also worked on a mini exploration project for making pass codes for video games (ah! the good old days). Since I had a security class last semester, I saw many tools, encryption methods and security protocols. So it gave me ideas to create a password system. I successfully created one that generates 16 characters password to store 64 bits of data. I have in mind other options to either double it, 32 characters for 128 bits of data, but that could be a bit too long to write down. Another idea gives me 24 characters passwords for 100 bits of data.

Other things to come

I am trying to finish my school certificate this year, I hope it would be less rough than last semester. If it is rough, you will not ear from me until May. Else I would like to make a website about how to program in Java and other languages. If I have a lot of time, I could try for summer. I would not release all lessons at once, they would gradually be added over time.

So that is all the new so far, I hope things get better in 2019.

Enjoy and ave fun!

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