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This site is a portal that links to all my other website. I create websites according to my fields of interest which could be generalized as Game design, Library Science and Computer science. I hope you will find something you like.

Board Game design
This web site is dedicated to board game design. You can find many information about the board games I made. There is many content for helping designers making their own game. But you can also find a lot of material for non-designers, like guides, material, variants, etc. If you like games, I suggest you take a look.

Haunted Archives
This website contains old projects that I did in the past which are now distributed as archive. My old websites are also being archived on this site. You will find stuff about video games, Role playing Games, Software I programmed a long time ago and much more. But beware, the content is very old and sometimes it can be very scary. This is why the archives are haunted.

Wizardry Legacy
A website dedicated to the Wizardry Legacy project which is an attempt to make a video game very similar to the classic wizardry series. If you like challenging role playing games and a rule system similar to Dungeons and Dragons, then Wizardry is for you.

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