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You might be wondering what the heck is that page. Well first I hate Facebook or most social media and people have an hard time to figure out how you could be allergic to that. So Instead of trying to explain anything, I will just redirect them here and update the content when I find new reasons to hate social medias.

For now, I would only list articles I stumble on which are related to social media. I work in a library, so I stumble on a lot of those articles. I cannot guaranty that they are all in english, and I will try to not only include the negative articles to be somewhat impartial.

Liking on Facebook good for teens stress, being liked... not so much

Facebook favorise la «contagion émotionnelle» à la suite d’attaques terroristes

Avez-vous les bons réflexes numériques dans les médias sociaux?

Les médias et les médias sociaux sont-ils les meilleurs moyens d’obtenir justice pour les consommateurs?

La justice pénale à l’heure des réseaux sociaux

Personal list of reasons to hate Facebook. Like I use to say, it goes from Identity theft up to mental health disorder.

and much more to come

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